The soft touch film is a decorative PVC film with a special surface treatment, which is delicate and silky like silk. The soft touch is suitable for home design with simple style; it is characterized by novel style, rich color and stable color. It can be applied in many ways, such as using vacuum press technology or using flat lamination technology. It has impressive flexibility and mechanical characteristics, and can be adapted to the intended use.
Aplicaciones: Muebles, Puertas interiores, Muebles de cocina, Muebles de baño.
Tipo de procesamiento: Prensa de vacío, Laminación plana
Propiedades: Resistencia a las manchas, Resistencia mecánica, Maleable
Superficie: MDF, MLB, Aglomerado.Tablero de espuma
Grosor: 0,18 mm, 0,25 mm, 0,30 mm, 0,35 mm
Ancho: 1400 mm
Longitud del rollo: 100 metros lineales
MOQ 1000m

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